Society 5.0: The Human-Centered “Super Smart Society” in Theory and Practice (LinkedIn Group)

Society 5.0 LinkedIn GroupThe LinkedIn group on “Society 5.0: The Human-Centered ‘Super Smart Society’ in Theory and Practice” was created to facilitate conversation and networking among thought leaders in this area. More information about the group is presented below. If you would enjoy participating in the group, please visit its LinkedIn page and click the button that says “Request to join.” We welcome you to join the conversation!

Description of the group

The group provides a platform for networking and exchange of ideas by thought leaders who are developing the paradigm of “Society 5.0” as researchers, managers, policymakers, consultants, or members of the world’s nascent cyber-physical societies.

A departure point is the concept of Society 5.0 formulated in 2016 by the Government of Japan, which is seeking to transform human society by “merging the physical space (real world) and cyberspace by leveraging ICT to its fullest” in order to provide a shared societal infrastructure for individuals’ health, prosperity, and self-fulfillment by exploiting an advanced service platform. It follows Societies 1.0 (ancient hunter-gatherers), 2.0 (agricultural societies), 3.0 (industrialized societies), and 4.0 (our contemporary information society).

Within such a “technologically posthumanized” and cyber-physical Society 5.0, human beings are no longer the only intelligent social actors who shape the society’s structures and dynamics; rather, they are joined by a diverse (and potentially bewildering) array of social and emotional robots, interactive smart environments, chatbots, and other artificially intelligent digital-physical social agents who add meaning and value to our lives in the physical world, virtual reality, and cyberspace.

Visions for Society 5.0 are being developed by many thinkers around the world in diverse contexts. The paradigm is already being creatively adapted in applied in other countries like Italy and Malaysia, while a related yet distinct concept of “Societies 5.0” is emerging in China. Within Japan, government agencies, universities, and businesses are already actively collaborating in development and implementation of the Society 5.0 paradigm. Our hope for this group is to create a transdisciplinary venue for business executives, technologists, researchers, and policymakers to exchange questions, insights, news, and best practices at a global level.

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