ManaGPT: 4,080 NLP Prompts and Generated Texts

ManaGPT: Generated text length by input-sequence subject

“ManaGPT: 4,080 NLP prompts and generated texts. Output from an LLM trained on a corpus from organizational futures studies” • March 26, 2023

SUMMARY. This dataset includes 4,080 texts that were generated by the ManaGPT-1020 large language model, in response to particular input sequences. ManaGPT-1020 is a free, open-source model available for download and use via Hugging Face’s “transformers” Python package. The model has been trained to generate analysis, predictions, and recommendations regarding the emerging role of advanced AI, social robotics, ubiquitous computing, virtual reality, neurocybernetic augmentation, and other “posthumanizing” technologies in organizational life.

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Factory Workers’ Daily Performance & Attrition

Synaptans WorkforceSim dataset

“Factory Workers’ Daily Performance & Attrition: Data with rich causal relationships, for testing machine-learning approaches” • July 23, 2022

SUMMARY. This synthetic dataset was produced with version 0.3.15 of Synaptans WorkforceSim for distribution on Kaggle. It contains 18 months’ worth of daily performance and attrition data (411,948 observations) for a factory whose organizational structure comprises 508 workers. Due to employee turnover, a total of 687 persons appear in the dataset. The dataset’s observations cover both regular daily events (like workers’ attendance and daily level of Efficacy) and special one-time events (like accidents, an employee’s termination, or the onboarding of a new employee). A unique feature of the dataset is diverse causal relationships “hidden” within the data that are waiting to be uncovered through machine learning.

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