Journal articles

in publications including The International Journal of Contemporary Management, Annales: Ethics in Economic Life, Frontiers in Neuroscience, and Creatio Fantastica


on topics including the technological posthumanization of organizational life, strategic management, computer game design, and information security for neuroprosthetic devices

Research presentations

made at more than a dozen international and national conferences on management, philosophy, artificial life, social robotics, digital ecosystems, video game design, economics, and popular culture

Welcome to my research and publications site

Thanks for visiting and for taking the time to learn more about my work. My research investigates the impacts of technological posthumanization on the way in which we structure organizations, social interaction, and the architecture of the spaces in which we live. Such realms include not only the physical spaces of buildings and the workplace but also cognitive, information, and experiential spaces — both ‘real’ and virtual.
Much of my work has explored the organizational and managerial implications of emerging technologies relating to social robotics, artificial general intelligence, artificial life, swarm and nanorobotics, ubiquitous computing, neural implants and neuroprosthetics, and augmented and virtual reality. I am particularly interested in the architectures of cyberspace and virtual worlds.
I generally employ qualitative approaches that attempt to synthesize methodologies from the spheres of philosophical anthropology, contemporary critical and philosophical posthumanism, systems theory and cybernetics, and the phenomenology of architecture; especially important for my work are the conceptual frameworks of Roman Ingarden and Christian Norberg-Schulz. I both analyze ongoing developments and attempt to anticipate future dynamics of technological posthumanization.
My work has been published by The MIT Press, Springer, IOS Press, Routledge, and Ashgate and has appeared in peer-reviewed journals including The International Journal of Contemporary Management, Annales: Ethics in Economic Life, Informatyka Ekonomiczna, Frontiers in Neuroscience, Social Sciences, Multimodal Technologies and Interaction, The Polish Journal of Aesthetics, and Creatio Fantastica. I've presented my research at more than a dozen international academic conferences in countries including the US, Poland, Denmark, and Croatia. My work has been cited in academic journals, books, doctoral dissertations, conference presentations, blogs, and other media.