A Phenomenological Analysis of the Posthumanized Future Workplace

Gladden, Matthew E. “A Phenomenological Analysis of the Posthumanized Future Workplace.” Kwartalnik Nauk o Przedsiębiorstwie 48 (2018), pp. 31-39. [MNiSW 2016 List B: 9 points]

Neuromarketing Applications of Neuroprosthetic DevicesAbstract. Increasingly, organizations are becoming “technologically posthumanized” through the integration of social robots, AI, virtual reality, and ubiquitous computing into the workplace. Here a phenomenological approach is used to anticipate architectural transformations of the workplace resulting from posthumanization’s challenge to traditional anthropocentric paradigms of the workplace as a space that exists at “human” scale, possesses a trifold boundary, and serves as a spatiotemporal filter.

This publication builds on the earlier paper on “Architectures of the Posthumanized Future Workplace: A Phenomenological Aesthetic Analysis,” presented at the International Conference on “Enterprise-Creativity-Digitization: Various Dimensions of Business in the XXI Century,” Warsaw School of Economics, March 23, 2018.